Project kick-off kit for Agile inception workshops

"Brilliantly done – very impressive."


Jimmy Ling

Agile Delivery Lead, NAB

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How you start a project matters. Get it wrong and you put the rest of the project at risk. The Kick-off kit gives you the tools, templates and tips you need for a successful Agile inception workshop.

What you'll get

Learn how to run a fun and practical one-day Agile inception session that sets you up to launch into your project the next day.

  • Build a shared understanding of the project vision and what you’ll deliver for your organisation and your customers.
  • Bond the team as a collaborative unit aligned behind the vision.
  • Ruthlessly prioritise only those elements that will deliver these outcomes.
  • Set expectations about what will be delivered within your organisation.
  • Do all this quickly so you can deliver a working product to test with your customers.


Agile inception activities, timeboxes and tips


Step by step guides, examples and alternatives


Printable Agile inception artifacts