Free project discovery workshop sets you up for success

"The key to starting our project on the right foot."

Rocky Webster
Rocky Webster
Product Owner, FinCap

Contact us today to learn if you’re eligible for a free project discovery workshop.

If you’re eligible, our free project discovery workshop will set you up for success, aligning your whole organisation behind clear project outcomes and the path to achieving them.

What your workshop will deliver

Your project discovery workshop will make sure your project delivers the impact you need. It will:

  • clarify your outcomes and priorities
  • get all your stakeholders on the same page
  • identify target audiences and the benefits you’ll bring them
  • uncover hidden assumptions
  • use Agile to limit project risk
  • plan how you’ll achieve your outcomes
  • inspire and energise your team.
Working on an exercise in a free project discovery workshop.

Are you eligible for a free project discovery workshop?

To qualify, your project must be set up to have a positive and lasting impact.

Your organisation must:

Stroke 1

be purpose-driven

Group 13

be flexible and pragmatic

Group 23

be relationship-focused

Your project must:

Group 21 Copy

have an impacts-focus

Group 29

be tackling a complex problem

Group 21

have a dedicated product owner

Plus you need to be in New Zealand (or able to get here)!

Check if your project fits the bill

Note that you don’t need to be an existing client to be eligible. You also don’t need to commit to work with us on the project itself. Our purpose as a company is to support others to create a positive and lasting impact. We can do this by contributing to any project with positive outcomes, even if we don’t deliver the project ourselves.

Team collaborating on an activity at a free project discovery workshop.


Customise the workshop to your team and task


Keep the team focussed, positive and on schedule


Clear, engaging easy-to-action findings